3 Hotels in Singapore That Are Great for Tourists

When you are traveling, one of the things you look forward to beside a great vacation are great lodging areas. Read on to discover 3 great hotels located in Singapore that are perfect for tourists.

1. Fairmont Singapore

fairmont singaporeNestled comfortably in Marina Bay, you will find Fairmont Singapore. This hotel has many popular amenities include room service, fitness center, spa, high-speed internet, sparkling pool, bar and lounge, and restaurant. They offer many different types of rooms, including family rooms, suites, and non-smoking rooms. This hotel ranks #5 in Singapore for the most romantic hotel, #12 for the most luxurious hotel in Singapore, and #13 for the best business hotel in Singapore. Find out what’s the best business loan in Singapore too!


2. Pan Pacific Singapore

Like Fairmont Singapore, Pan Pacific Singapore is located in Marina Bay. This neighborhood is known for its upscale hotels, casinos, bars, shops, and restaurants. Popular amenities for this hotel include a restaurant, room service, crystal-clear pool, free Wi-Fi and fitness center with a gym. While you are here, you can enjoy tennis and hot tubs. Room types of the Pan Pacific Singapore hotel include suites, family rooms, and non-smoking rooms. Popular restaurants include Rang Mahal, The Atrium, and Brunch.

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3. Shangri-La Hotel

shangri-la-hotelThe Shangri-La Hotel offers its guests 15 acres of scenic landscaping and gardens and pure nature. This hotel is ranked #1 for the most romantic hotel in Singapore and #2 for the best spa hotel in Singapore. This hotel provides many amenities and features, including a sparkling blue pool, room service, restaurant, spa, fitness center, and high-speed internet. Rooms that are offered include suites for smoking and non-smoking, family rooms and non-smoking rooms. Features in the rooms include air conditioning and minibar. Services that are provided include shuttle bus, business center with internet access, meeting rooms, dry cleaning, and laundry service.


How Your Tax Return Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score

Many people use their yearly tax returns as a way to fund fun purchases. A car, truck, boat, vacation or other luxury item is typically on the “wish list.” However, if you play your cards right, you can actually improve your score by at least 50 points just by using your tax return to your advantage.

Clean Up Old Debts

First, use your tax return to clean up any old and past-due debts that you have lingering. Check your free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies to make sure you are aware of any of these stale debts. Cleaning those up can cause your credit score to skyrocket. Always maintain a fine relationship with the best licensed moneylender in Singapore when getting your Singapore personal loans.

Pay Off Current Debtsbest licensed moneylender in Singapore

If you don’t have any past-due debts or you’ve paid them all off and you have money left over, concentrate on paying down current accounts that you owe money on. When the credit bureaus calculate your credit score, you get the most points for utilizing less than 30% of the credit that you have available. So, if you are unable to pay off every account, focus on paying them down to less than 30% of your available credit.

Sock Away Cash

If you are debt-free already, or you have cash left over after paying off all of your outstanding debts, use the rest of your tax refund to obtain an insurance policy against tanking your credit score. Put this extra money in a high-yield savings account or other investment platform so it is easily accessible if you need cash for an emergency. This will allow you to handle anything that life throws your way without trashing your credit to take care of your financial obligations.

Make your tax return work for you this year by using it to improve your credit score. And next year, consider adjusting your withholdings so you have access to your money all year long, not just at tax time.


Three Must-Do Activities in Singapore

Any stay in Singapore is sure to be loaded with excitement and adventure. One of the premier tourist destinations on the planet, the city has no shortage of unique experiences. Whether you stay for a day or indefinitely, there are a few activities that absolutely need to be on your list. These are the three that locals and visitors agree are mandatory to make the most of time spent in Singapore.


Spend Time in Marina Bay

marina bay
Marina Bay is the focal point of the whole city. If you have ever seen a postcard of the skyline, it probably centered on the bay. Singapore has some of the best shopping in the world, and the Marina Bay area is filled to the brim with great shopping, eating and entertainment. It’s easy to spend many a day here, so make sure you take in the fun.


Explore Gardens by the Bay

 gardens by the bay
This one-of-a-kind park features world-famous architecture. The gardens are home to many exotic plants, spectacularly displayed across more than 250 acres. The unique Supertrees are connected with sky bridges that make for a fascinating tour. The park also houses multiple climates, from rainforests to chilly mountaintops. Enjoying everything could easily take a full day, so plan accordingly.


Visit the Foreign  Districts

foreign district

One of Singapore’s greatest draws is the cultural diversity. Little India has streets filled with the smell of authentic food, sounds of festive music and bustle of an Indian crowd. Chinatown features traditional shop houses directly below the city’s skyscrapers, and the Arab Quarter is home to Haji Lane, where you can find
Persian designers and the Sultan Mosque. Three major world cultures are alive and vibrant in one city-state. Spending time in Singapore without exposing yourself to the wide swath of rich traditions would be a waste.


Singapore is full of wonder and fun. While any visit is sure to include some extreme shopping, make sure you step away and enjoy some of the other experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. These three activities are just the tip of the iceberg, so make your time count.


Top 5 attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot and a perfect tourist destination. This vibrant city has abundant options of things to do and places to see. From a night zoo and a colorful butterfly park to a fun-filled theme park and an attractive island, Singapore is a truly unique city.

Here are the top 5 attractions in Singapore:

  1. night-safariNight Safari – Night Safari is Singapore’s top attraction where you can get a glimpse of the nocturnal kingdom in its natural habitat. This world-class zoo has walking trails, shows, tram rides and other amazing attractions for its night visitors. Thousands of animals from around the world reside in the beautiful natural environment. Night safari is dedicated to both entertainment and conservation and is the best night attraction in Singapore.
  2. The Merlion – This iconic statue of the mythical Merlion is a must-see attraction in Singapore. It attracts millions of tourists as it is strategically located on the scenic waterfront at Marina Bay.
    This half-fish half-lion statue spurting water into the Marina Bay is an ideal place to take a memorable photograph with a loved one.
  3. Universal Studios – Universal Studios is a theme park located on Sentosa Island. From thrilling rides to incredible shows, Universal Studios is perfect for families and couples. There’s something for everyone at this popular Hollywood movie theme park. Meet your favorite characters, experience chilling rides and have limitless fun with your loved ones at Universal Studios.
  4. Singapore Flyer – Enjoy breathtaking views of spectacular Singapore on board the Singapore Flyer.
    There are many romantic options offered by the Singapore Flyer such as sky dining and private lounge access. Enjoy the scenic view while you sip champagne with your loved one.
  5. Jurong Bird Park – Visit this beautiful and colorful park to enjoy seeing many exotic and pretty birJurong-Bird-Park-Singaporeds from around the world. The Jurong Bird Park is ideal for families with kids and bird-lovers. Enjoy a humorous bird show and take a picture with one of the exotic birds. The Jurong Bird Park is indeed one of a kind with its wide variety of birds and other animals.

How Your Large Tax Return Is Costing You

Many people look forward to tax season. Once the yearly tax return is filed, they wait for their huge refund and plan on all of the things they are going to purchase with it. Many see this as an unexpected windfall. However, if you are one of those that count on a huge tax return each year, you are only hurting yourself.

Free Money to Uncle Samuncle sam free money

When you adjust your withholdings to allow for a huge refund in the spring, the money that is withheld from your paychecks has to go somewhere until you get it back in April. It sits in the government’s piggy bank, and the government is the lucky party that gets to collect interest on your earnings all year long. You could divert those extra funds to your own savings account and reap the rewards.

Lost Investment Opportunity

investment opportunitySome people try to justify their large tax returns by claiming they are an investment. However, if you aren’t earning any interest or dividends on this investment, it’s not much of an investment. Adjust your withholdings and put the extra money in a good investment vehicle that will give you greater returns.

Happy Medium

When you are adjusting your withholdings, don’t go too far in the other direction. No one wants to owe the government at tax time – that defeats the whole purpose. There are several withholdings calculators online that you can use to help you figure out how much you should withhold from your paychecks so you won’t owe money at tax time, and the government won’t owe you money at tax time. You can also ask your tax professional for assistance with this task, since tax issues can be frustrating and confusing for many people who don’t deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Don’t let the government get free use of your money. You aren’t a bank. Adjust your withholdings and tax charge of your finances.